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GTA 6 wishlist : what we want to see

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Rockstar Games have been giving us some of the most cracking games since 19 years now. They launched the first ever Grand Theft Auto back in the year 1997 and then they came up with its sequel two years later. The game title that gave them the recognition was GTA Vice City which was released nearly 12 years ago and is still played by many. Then they launched GTA San Andreas which had a bigger map and a big story than the Vice City. San Andreas had a game play of nearly 70 hours which is a lot for a game. Rockstar Games then launched GTA IV which had even better graphics but was a bit boring to be honest and that is the correction they made in the GTA V which is an awesome game. But, Rockstar Games is set to announce the next GTA game which is GTA VI anytime soon. So lets have a look at the improvements which will be made in the GTA VI.


  1. Realistic Cars

GTA V gave us great cars but they were look alike of the modern cars that we have in real world. This time, Rockstar Games is going to include real licensed cars in the GTA VI which is a great thing as this will just add onto the aesthetics of the game. Another great thing about the GTA VI is the fuel gauge. This time, you will actually have to refill your car and will be running wild in a car with limited fuel. Most of you might say that this is useless but to be honest this proves at how hard Rockstar Games is working on the attention to details.

  1. Worldwide Maps

If you thought that GTA V maps are huge then GTA 6 will be like an elephant to you as it will have worldwide maps. You will be able to fly different countries and then go on to different places around the globe to perform your missions.

  1. Female Character

GTA VI will target both male and female fans as Rockstar Games is adding a female character in the game as well. This will definitely be a great decision as we are just too bored to play as only one character.

  1. VR Support

Yes, you heard that right. GTA VI will also allow you to play the game using the VR headset which is just awesome as it will just add to the experience of real world simulation gaming.

  1. Launch

The company may announce the GTA VI game in this year but as far as we know, they might not launch the game in this year only but instead the launch will take place in the next financial year. Same year SIMS 5 also release.


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