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Find out How to Popularize an Android App

Google’s operating system- Android has made it very easy for people to make their apps available on the Play Store. But available does not mean visible. It has to be made sure that the applications that have taken a lot of hard work, creative ideas and time to be finished are visible to the user. After the app is developed and live, it is essential that the people download it and use it so that profits can be made out of it. This article will give the reader several tips and trick that they can keep in mind so that that their app is popular. It will also answer the very popular question of- after Android app development: How to popularise your app on google play?

There are many applications on Google play that are very useful and fun, but are generally ignored by the people unknowingly. They do not realise that they are present because the app is simply not popular enough. One can try using the following ideas to make sure that the app gains popularity on the Play Store:

–          Having a catchy name and icon is a must. This is one aspect of any application that cannot be ignored. Developers need to make sure that they do not release the app without a very attention grabbing name and icon.

–          The description on the Play Store has to have content that is optimised for search engines to find it. The right keywords needs to be used so that the app pops up whenever someone is looking for something in the same genre.

–          The app size is an important aspect of the application. Anything less than 50MB is a fine size to have for an application as it becomes easier for the users to download even when they are on the move.

–          Positive reviews can be used very effectively to attract people to the apps. Just like movies, people now do not download any application without checking different user reviews. If there are no reviews, people will disregard it thinking that the app is no good.

–          Social media publicity is one of the biggest tools of any business organization. There has to be adequate social media publicity given to the app so that people know about it and try to explore the app if not download it right away.

–          Different forums can be used to make the app popular. There are many networking events that take place and also there are many developers who get together to have sessions of creativity in application development. One should participate in these forums so that they can make maximum use of it.

–          One can also use press releases to promote the app. This way the right information will reach the right people at the right time.

If one is still stuck with the big question of ‘after Android app development: How to popularise your app on google play?’ The answer to it is pretty simple.

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