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Using Google App Inventor to develop Android applications

According to recent statistics over 60% of the phones that are circulating in the market and bought by people are powered by Google’s Operating system- Android. This operating system is one of a king that is used by hundreds of brands to work on about 4000 distinct devices. It has not only given Apple a tough competition, but has also beaten it in its game. The google Play Store is another playground for all developers as the process is pretty simple. It is not a very difficult task to learn to develop Android apps using google app inventor.

Firstly, google app inventor is a software that is used by many application developers to make applications that are compatible with the different versions of Android. Considering there are always two or three versions of Android that are present prominently in the market, it is important to make sure that all the applications are compatible and easy to access from all of them else the application might not reach a section of the society.

There are many courses and tutorials that will teach the people how the software has to be used and the different details of every tool that is present on the software will be made available to the person who is seeking some help with regard to the software. But for an introduction, Google App inventor is a program that is developed by Google to facilitate the development of good quality apps that can be displayed on the Android market.

There are different ways in which one can invent their apps on Eclipse and then run it on an emulator and then do the other aspects of the application like design, pages and all of that. The program gives the user a standard batch of set up files that can be used to develop the application without having to add or subtract from it unless the features are too complicated and very heavily coded. People can now develop an application with absolutely no knowledge of coding and programming. All they have to do it input different criteria and make their application ready to use.

Different variables have to be taken into consideration while making an application. The user-friendliness, convenience and the page load time required are the top most priority. The application pages need to be light in terms of files to make sure that the pages load fast so that the user experience is enhanced. This can only be a result of good planning and making sure that the person knows exactly what he wants for the application rather than adding and subtracting features at the last minute or through the development process.

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