All New Samsung Galaxy S7 is Burning Smartphone Market


After galaxy S6, Samsung has introduced the flagship for its latest Galaxy S7 handset; the things have been rumored and leaked about the Galaxy S7 edge.

Here’s the discussion about S7-

Samsung Galaxy S7 design

The Samsung Galaxy S7 model will be different from all the launched in every scale. The Galaxy S7 will jump to a 5 5-inches display and will have the biggest differences in overall design with the curved edge that gives smoother and more comfortable control over the phone.


In dimensions and weight terms, it will be 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9mm and weighs 152g.

Samsung Galaxy S7 display

As rumored, The Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 5.5-inch screen with Super AMOLED display; it will have an HD resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Hardware and specs

In all the future releases, Samsung will use Samsung is using its own invented processor, the Exynos 8 Octa 2.3GHz quad, 64-bit, which will be 30 percent faster than the processor used  in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Galaxy S8 would be sporting some awesome specs.

Samsung Galaxy S7 storage

The Samsung will launch the models with 32GB and 64GB storage options, the Samsung also will increase the expandable storage up to 200GB with a mini SD card. It will be done without compromising the body of Smartphone.

This feature will external us to have an external storage for our personal data that we like to keep separately.

Samsung Galaxy S7 battery

The battery will have more power in comparison to previous Series. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be allotted a 3,000mAh battery which will be capable of playing HD video, games for 13 hours or more.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera

The camera will be improved significantly in terms of megapixels and the sensors, so the camera will have great effects even in low light photography. The Samsung will adopt the dual pixel technology which we are available DSLR cameras to make better photography.

Where to get

After an initial pre-order, the phone is now widely available from several offline and online retailers and those who pre-ordered the phone by 7 March will get their handsets earlier than others. iPhone 8 would be the next beast from the series.

We will keep updating you with next upcoming smartphones soon till then keep visiting our site for more info till then share this news with your friends on social media.


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GTA 6 wishlist : what we want to see


Rockstar Games have been giving us some of the most cracking games since 19 years now. They launched the first ever Grand Theft Auto back in the year 1997 and then they came up with its sequel two years later. The game title that gave them the recognition was GTA Vice City which was released nearly 12 years ago and is still played by many. Then they launched GTA San Andreas which had a bigger map and a big story than the Vice City. San Andreas had a game play of nearly 70 hours which is a lot for a game. Rockstar Games then launched GTA IV which had even better graphics but was a bit boring to be honest and that is the correction they made in the GTA V which is an awesome game. But, Rockstar Games is set to announce the next GTA game which is GTA VI anytime soon. So lets have a look at the improvements which will be made in the GTA VI.


  1. Realistic Cars

GTA V gave us great cars but they were look alike of the modern cars that we have in real world. This time, Rockstar Games is going to include real licensed cars in the GTA VI which is a great thing as this will just add onto the aesthetics of the game. Another great thing about the GTA VI is the fuel gauge. This time, you will actually have to refill your car and will be running wild in a car with limited fuel. Most of you might say that this is useless but to be honest this proves at how hard Rockstar Games is working on the attention to details.

  1. Worldwide Maps

If you thought that GTA V maps are huge then GTA 6 will be like an elephant to you as it will have worldwide maps. You will be able to fly different countries and then go on to different places around the globe to perform your missions.

  1. Female Character

GTA VI will target both male and female fans as Rockstar Games is adding a female character in the game as well. This will definitely be a great decision as we are just too bored to play as only one character.

  1. VR Support

Yes, you heard that right. GTA VI will also allow you to play the game using the VR headset which is just awesome as it will just add to the experience of real world simulation gaming.

  1. Launch

The company may announce the GTA VI game in this year but as far as we know, they might not launch the game in this year only but instead the launch will take place in the next financial year. Same year SIMS 5 also release.


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Find out How to Popularize an Android App

Google’s operating system- Android has made it very easy for people to make their apps available on the Play Store. But available does not mean visible. It has to be made sure that the applications that have taken a lot of hard work, creative ideas and time to be finished are visible to the user. After the app is developed and live, it is essential that the people download it and use it so that profits can be made out of it. This article will give the reader several tips and trick that they can keep in mind so that that their app is popular. It will also answer the very popular question of- after Android app development: How to popularise your app on google play?

There are many applications on Google play that are very useful and fun, but are generally ignored by the people unknowingly. They do not realise that they are present because the app is simply not popular enough. One can try using the following ideas to make sure that the app gains popularity on the Play Store:

–          Having a catchy name and icon is a must. This is one aspect of any application that cannot be ignored. Developers need to make sure that they do not release the app without a very attention grabbing name and icon.

–          The description on the Play Store has to have content that is optimised for search engines to find it. The right keywords needs to be used so that the app pops up whenever someone is looking for something in the same genre.

–          The app size is an important aspect of the application. Anything less than 50MB is a fine size to have for an application as it becomes easier for the users to download even when they are on the move.

–          Positive reviews can be used very effectively to attract people to the apps. Just like movies, people now do not download any application without checking different user reviews. If there are no reviews, people will disregard it thinking that the app is no good.

–          Social media publicity is one of the biggest tools of any business organization. There has to be adequate social media publicity given to the app so that people know about it and try to explore the app if not download it right away.

–          Different forums can be used to make the app popular. There are many networking events that take place and also there are many developers who get together to have sessions of creativity in application development. One should participate in these forums so that they can make maximum use of it.

–          One can also use press releases to promote the app. This way the right information will reach the right people at the right time.

If one is still stuck with the big question of ‘after Android app development: How to popularise your app on google play?’ The answer to it is pretty simple.

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Using Google App Inventor to develop Android applications

According to recent statistics over 60% of the phones that are circulating in the market and bought by people are powered by Google’s Operating system- Android. This operating system is one of a king that is used by hundreds of brands to work on about 4000 distinct devices. It has not only given Apple a tough competition, but has also beaten it in its game. The google Play Store is another playground for all developers as the process is pretty simple. It is not a very difficult task to learn to develop Android apps using google app inventor.

Firstly, google app inventor is a software that is used by many application developers to make applications that are compatible with the different versions of Android. Considering there are always two or three versions of Android that are present prominently in the market, it is important to make sure that all the applications are compatible and easy to access from all of them else the application might not reach a section of the society.

There are many courses and tutorials that will teach the people how the software has to be used and the different details of every tool that is present on the software will be made available to the person who is seeking some help with regard to the software. But for an introduction, Google App inventor is a program that is developed by Google to facilitate the development of good quality apps that can be displayed on the Android market.

There are different ways in which one can invent their apps on Eclipse and then run it on an emulator and then do the other aspects of the application like design, pages and all of that. The program gives the user a standard batch of set up files that can be used to develop the application without having to add or subtract from it unless the features are too complicated and very heavily coded. People can now develop an application with absolutely no knowledge of coding and programming. All they have to do it input different criteria and make their application ready to use.

Different variables have to be taken into consideration while making an application. The user-friendliness, convenience and the page load time required are the top most priority. The application pages need to be light in terms of files to make sure that the pages load fast so that the user experience is enhanced. This can only be a result of good planning and making sure that the person knows exactly what he wants for the application rather than adding and subtracting features at the last minute or through the development process.

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How to root Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge?


The Snapdragon-powered Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge has a locked bootloader. So at the current moment, it is very difficult to root the phone. However, if you are using a Exynos-backed S7/S7 Edge, you can easily root your phone with the help of the CF-Auto-Root utility released by Chainfire, also containing the support for these smartphone models. Samsung Galaxy S7 was expected a iPhone 7 competitor but at the end Galaxy note 7 is going to fight with iPhone 7.


Steps to follow before rooting your Samsung S7/S7 Edge

  • Make sure you are on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update.
  • Down all the USB drivers for your smartphone and install it onto your PC.
  • Backup all your important files from the phone to your PC.
  • To Enable developer options, go to Settings and tap the space five times.
  • Next up, Enable the USB Debugging options for your device by tapping on the Developer Options in the Menu -> Settings -> Application tab.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged before proceeding.
  • Keep a note of the Smartphone’s Model Number.

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Required Files to Root S7/S7 Edge

  • You can download Odin from


    • Download the Chainfire CF-Auto-Root utility from

Steps to Root your S7/S7 Edge

  • Unzip the Odin folder onto your PC. Install the unzipped software on your PC.
  • Also, Unzip the Chainfire zip file till you get the .tar.md5 file on your PC.
  • Enter the download mode of your device by switching it off. You can do it by pressing and holding VOLUME DOWN + HOME button simultaneously. Press the POWER button when you see the Android Sign and again press POWER button to confirm your choice.
  • Connect your device to your PC through USB cable after opening the ODIN software. If don’t correctly, you will get a message ‘Added’ on your screen.
  • Click on AP/PDA option on ODIN and now, select the CF-Auto-Root extracted file.
  • Ensure that you have selected the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time, click on Start to start the process of rooting your device.
  • You will get a PASS message on your screen if the root process is successfully completed.
  • The device will then automatically reboot into the Recovery mode of the phone. Next up, you will be able to see your home screen. Now it is safe to disconnect your device from the PC.
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Local-Area Network (LAN)


A Neighborhood (LAN) is two or more Pcs straightforwardly interfaced inside a little decently characterized range, for example, a room, building, or gathering of nearly put structures. A LAN may be made up of just microcomputers or any consolidation of microcomputers and huge frameworks.

The distinction between a LAN and multiuser framework is that a LAN is made up of stands-alone Pcs though a multiuser framework commonly has one PC that is imparted around two or more terminals.


A LAN generally comprises of the accompanying:

• two or more Pcs

• peripheral gadgets, for example, printers and hard-circle drivers

• software to links, generally coaxial or filament optic, to associate the workstations and different gadgets

• a module board to handle the information transmissions (generally when a microcomputer is a piece of a LAN )

A profit of a LAN is the lessening of fittings expenses in light of the fact that a few Pcs and clients can impart fringe gadgets, for example, laser printers, hard-plate drivers, shade plotters, and modems. An alternate focal point is that the clients can impart information.

Guaranteeing the security and protection of information are two concerns of LAN clients. The LAN must get the information to its end, transmit the information effectively, and counteract un-sanctioned clients from picking up access to that information. These undertakings are refined through both the equipment and LAN programming.

Well known Lans accessible for microcomputer clients incorporate Novell, Ethernet, Corvus, Arcnet, PC System, and Omninet. They quite in the sort and number of workstations that could be joined, the velocity at which information might be exchanged, and the kind of programming used to control system. Some LAN’s oblige that all the all the machines be of a certain brand, while others permit an assortment of brands to be joined. The amount of workstations in a LAN shifts broadly from littler LAN’s that can interface the same number as 10,000 machines.

The length of the link joining a workstation to a LAN likewise fluctuates hinging upon the LAN. Most Lans permit links of around the range of one thousand feet, yet some permit links of a few miles to be utilized. The information exchange velocities range from a few thousand bits for every second to around 10 million bits for every second. The projects that control the LAN’s additionally quite in the characteristics they offer. A few projects permit the utilization of more than one working framework; other permit one and only.

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Career Opportunities – MBA International Business


Have you constantly had an interest in going after MBA in International Business, but the idea of minimal career opportunities has stopped you? You need not fret anymore. We are here to offer you with all the appropriate info pertaining to the training course and the possibilities that it brings along.

As the economic situation has actually globalized, numerous companies worldwide have broaden their horizons. This has opened up countless profession chances for people that want to be a component of international business. An MBA in International Business passes on a pupil with the knowledge that is needed to understand the nuances of International Business. This consists of understanding of WTO, recognizing profession barrier, export-import plans and so forth.


An MBA in International Business obtains profession possibilities not just by multinational business however likewise by Indian firms that prepare to go international. Firms that have considerable export and import also call for such prospects. Several of the areas in which MBA in International Business provides tasks are international sales, international circulation, global management, as well as international trade. Most of the firms provide a handsome income plans together with various other financially rewarding centers. The task needs expert capability as well as expertise of the current requirements as well as legislations in international business.

Job secretive Firms

After finishing this training course, prospects could search for jobs available in the export companies, logistics business, dealers, completely dry ports, custom-made cleaning houses, special economic zones, transport firms, post-shipment quality assurance laboratory public market houses, international banks as well as firms having subsidiaries in other countries. Prospects that are able to establish their direct exposure in global profession regulation, arrangement and also research study in global profession are surely able to find placements in WTO, UNCTAD, IMF, World Financial institution, Regional Trade Blocks and trade organizations.

Work accounts

Here is a list of some work accounts that a prospect could look forward to:

Export supervisors and also executives
International business professional
International Business Development Supervisor
International Marketing Manager
International Financing ManagerGlobal Manager
Career in Government Organizations

Similar to in private companies, candidates with MBA in International Business remain in great demand in government companies in fields like export and also import firms, investment companies, banks as well as financial institutions. Prospects could likewise discover job placement in aeronautics industry and shipping market. Along with these, they could try to find works in tourist and also traveling field companies functioning under different state federal governments and also central federal government in India.

Work accounts

Right here is a list of some task profiles that a candidate can anticipate:

Export coordinator
Account Manager
Brand name Manager
Administration Professional
Advertising and marketing Manager
Task Supervisors
Product Supervisor
Vendor Supervisor
Investment Banking Manager
Abroad Opportunities

The overseas opportunities are unlimited and give large direct exposure worldwide. Most MBA IB postgraduates are absorbed by international marketing divisions of organizations taken part in exports, specifically, international manufacturers, like vehicle firms, electronics and computer companies, and also customer durables makers. Since most of the international profession is accomplished with port and also aeronautics, these experts could additionally locate possibilities in airline companies, cargo, and worldwide shipping firms.

Prospects for Career Growth

There are numerous college chances for candidates who want to study after getting an MBA in IB. They can complete a:

Ph.d in HR
Ph.d in Administration
These are just a couple of alternatives. Prospects could likewise check out getting a senior-level position like:

Chief Executive Officer
To conclude, there are enough of opportunities that a trainee could look at after finishing an MBA in IB. So be successful and get hold of the most!

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Computer Software


Machine programming partitioned into two general classifications, framework programming deals with the PC assets. It furnishes the interface between the equipment and the clients, needs. Requisition programming, then again is straightforwardly answerable for helping uncertain their issues

Equipment you can touch; programming you can’t. Programming may be store on different media, plates or paper maybe, however programming is essentially plans –instructions to make the equipment perform for you. A set of directions is called s program. A few projects deduce the payroll, others fly air ship. Still others help you in composing reports or books. Programming is isolated into two classifications; framework and provision. You are most likely most acquainted with provision programming that kept in touch with perform particular errands for unique clients of the machine framework. A few samples are bookkeeping, spreadsheet, word transforming, and amusement programs you compose (and all that you will compose from this test) will be provisions.


Provision programming is broken into two classes” universally useful programming and requisition particular programming. Genera;-reason programming is bought from a programming designer and might be utilized for more than one requisition. Samples of broadly useful programming incorporate word processors, database administration frameworks, and PC helped configuration frameworks. They are called broadly useful since they can explain a mixture of client processing issues.

Provision particular programming might be just for its expected reason. A general record framework utilized by bookkeepers and a material necessities arranging framework are cases of requisition particular programming. Hey might be utilized just for the undertaking they were intended for: they can’t be utilized for different sums up undertakings.

Framework programming comprises of projects that are utilized to deal with the fittings assets of a machine and perform obliged data transforming assignments. These projects might be partitioned into three classes: the working framework, framework backings, and framework advancement.

The working framework furnishes administrations, for example, a client’s interface, index and database access, and interface to convey frameworks. The main role of this programming is to keep the framework working in a productive supervisor while permitting the clients access to the framework.

Framework helps programming furnishes framework utilities and other working administrations. Illustrations of framework utilities are sort and plate arrangement programs. Working administrations comprises of projects that furnishes to ensure the framework and informatio

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